Greenacres litter irks Perridgevale residents

THE Ward 7 office receives many complaints from Perridgevale residents regarding wind-blown litter from the Greenacres Shopping Centre.
We are in regular contact with Centre Management and various measures have been implemented. The problem of shoppers dropping wrappers and other litter on the ground outside the centre is, and will remain, the biggest problem.
Cleaners employed by the centre cannot cope, especially on windy days, hence the problem of litter ending up in Perridgevale and surrounds. I have managed to increase street sweeping to three days per week in Norvic Drive, and this has improved the situation.
Following an accident involving a pedestrian on the pedestrian crossing between Greenacres Villages and the hospital, I have managed, with great assistance from the roads department, to have low pedestrian crossing speed humps in Rochelle Road between the two complexes. It is now far safer for folks using this crossing!
Parks Department has moved into Parsons Hill during the past few weeks and trimmed the trees throughout the suburb. Despite a few glitches with the contractors not completely removing all the branches immediately, the suburb looks much neater and some of the lovely old homes are more visible.
Road traffic lines and signs were re-painted in the past few months and overall a great improvement can be seen.
Dumping of builders’ rubble and waste remains a major headache in the Newton Park area. Council used to clean up illegal dumping areas every six weeks. A shortage of funds will now result in clean-ups only every three months. Please report any illegal dumping and details of the vehicle/photograph to the Town Ranger, Yussuf, on 073-066-4142.
Note from the police: Ensure that your house numbers are very visible! Police are complaining that they often cannot find a call-out incident at night because of poor, or non-existing numbers on houses.

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