‘Green’ bike goes local

A MOUNT Pleasant resident’s love for the outdoors and passion for cycling inspired him to design his own version of the electrical bicycle.
Brendon Andrade, 26, founded the Green Awareness Project (GAP) that “strives to create awareness of green energy via the culture of fun, practical transport and leisure for all ages”.
The GAP has products that include electrical bicycles, conversion kits and accessories that are environmentally friendly and designed for public transport, public services, varsities and tourism.
“We are trying to find more effective ways of getting people around,” said Andrade.
“It is a lot more fun getting around on a bike.”
The bike comes with a 36-volt battery which takes four hours to charge. It can reach a speed of 35km/h and the battery lasts about 75km.
Andrade is trying to introduce the electrical bicycle to the South African market. It is common overseas, especially in Europe and Asia.
“In five to 10 years it will be a big thing here. That’s why I call it a ‘project’,” he said.
With petrol prices as high as they are, Andrade said it would be a popular form of transport in the future.
“It is not just about the bikes, it is also about creating green awareness. We are targeting the younger market who are more susceptible to energy saving. In a few years it will be a trend.”
He said they were also targeting people who normally do not ride bicycles or struggle to ride a bike. He wants to make it easily accessible .
An entry level bike will cost you R6500 and will be in stores by next year.

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