For that divine taste

MAGUEY Agave Nectar has a fabulous range of syrups and sugar. These not only taste divine, but are actually good for you.
As unbelievable as this sounds, it is actually true.
Once one has tasted any of the Maguey Agave syrups, or used the sugar for baking, or in tea and coffee, becoming an instant convert is easy, and at the same time one is able to enjoy something that is beneficial to one’s health without feeling guilty.
Maguey Agave Nectar Syrups come in three variants: Maguey Syrup, Maguey Raw Agave Syrup and Maguey Choc Syrup.
Maguey Agave products are produced from the Blue Agave Americana plant and are 100% pure, have a low GI and are diabeticfriendly. They are suitable for toppings, baking, drinks and sauces, as they don’t change taste when heated and are easy to use in recipes that need sweetening, such as muffins, lemon meringue pie, brownies and hot drinks.
The syrups have a long shelf life and do not solidify in cold weather and remain easy to pour. They blend and dissolve easily in all types of foods and bakes. In addition, as Agave sugar is one and a half times as sweet as normal table sugar, spoon for spoon, one uses far less in recipes and drinks.
They are especially suitable for babies and children as they have been tested in cough mixtures and are used to treat ADHD. So they are great for mothers who worry about that “sugar rush”.
AgaveFlora is a unique Prebiotic health supplement formulated to care fo and maintain intestinal flora and boost the immune system.
Agave Nectar products are made in South Africa. It is the only manufacturer in the world outside Mexico.
Visit the website to see recipes you can enjoy with the Maguey range.
Available from Spar, Clicks, Health Stores and select pharmacies, Maguey Agave Syrups sell for around R63 and Maguey Agave Sugar from R36.
Enquiries: 071-678-7033 or visit

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