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What do you like most about Westering?
It is a safe, peaceful suburb and the immediate neighbours all get on very well and we look out for each other.
What needs to be improved in the area?
My dad is on the Westering Neighbourhood Watch. He says they do foot and vehicle patrols and encourages more residents to get actively involved. If anyone in the area would like to get involved they can contact Ockie Goosen at (041)360-5238.
Another issue is that dogs bark unnecessarily. Owners should attend to them because they create a security risk as criminals pick up where barking dogs get ignored. Also Westering will look better if some home owners make more of an effort to keep their verges neat and tidy.
What is unique about the people in Westering?
Neighbours still look out for each other (at least in my street) and know each other by name, which sadly doesn’t happen that much anymore.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Working with people and creating beautiful images that will last forever, but this also goes for my assistant, Tracey, as well.
What do you do on the weekend/ in your spare time?
I have always loved the outdoors and as a student photographer my speciality was nature, and documenting the moment. As a commercial photographer, Saturdays have mostly become a working day, be it studio, functions, dances, pageants, you name it. Having an awesome assistant helps and hopefully soon I can get to enjoy the outdoors again.

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