Eat fat, shed kilos

CAN I lose fat by eating fat? It may be hard to believe, but the answer is “yes”!
The role of carbohydrates
Of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), carbohydrates is the only one able to alter blood sugar. This is because starches break down very quickly into sugars in the body and are available to be used as an immediate energy source.
However, these days we’re a pretty sedentary species and our carbohydrate choice tends to be one of convenience and thus a processed one (supermarket bread, juices, crackers, muffins, crisps, to name but a few).
These processed carbohydrates are broken down much more rapidly into sugar than their whole grain counterparts, playing havoc with blood sugar levels.
When blood sugar becomes high, insulin is released, resulting in a signal to various cells to “open” to receive the excess glucose.
Your muscle cells and liver are probably topped up with fuel from your previous meal, so the cells most likely to take this excess fuel, are the fat cells.
So, every time you eat a meal that’s high in processed carbohydrates, you’re setting yourself up for body fat storage.
To conclude
The best way to stay lean and healthy is to avoid or eliminate altogether any processed carbohydrates and to eat some form of good quality protein and fat with every meal (or snack).
In addition to the weight changes, you should start to see a big difference in emotional stability, increased energy and a reduction in sweet cravings.

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