Drop him like it’s hot

LADIES, please understand the difference between having a good man and a man who treats you good. Whether you choose to believe it or not – there’s actually a difference.
Recently, a friend of mine who was cheating on his girlfriend explained to me that he simply does not have that type of “gedagte” needed to be a player – the don’t care attitude. He decided to stop his ways soon after that. That is what I call a good man, because despite cheating on his lady, he acknowledged that he was in the wrong and immediately tried to correct the situation.
Now a man who treats you right would not go out cheating and then come home with a bunch of flowers for you. Don’t be fooled by those flowers, they are simply to compensate for his own guilt.
So be careful ladies, if you have never been his profile picture on his BB at least double the number of months you have been together, it’s probably because he can’t afford for his other contacts to see that he is with you. It’s time to drop that boy like it’s hot.
And do yourself a favour, think about your monthly expenses for a minute. If both you and your boyfriend are working, yet you seem to be supporting him, he is probably supporting someone else.
However, the fellas are not completely to blame for this.
If you are “that girl” who is allowing “that guy” to be that way, you are as guilty as he is.
Men are simply creatures driven by very simple needs in most cases. And if you are supplying one of the most primitive needs, sex, then the simple mind of a man is going to succumb to it.
So don’t be that other girl, because he is never going to leave his girlfriend.
And with that being said, I would like to take the time to thank all our Northern Algoa Sun readers for their support over the last year.
This will be my last edition with the Algoa Sun as I will begin my new duties as general reporter for The Herald.
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