Choose the perfect pet for your family

Daryn Wood
HEARTBROKEN by seeing so many pets in the Bay without homes, two Animal Welfare Society (AWS) volunteers started a project to help match abandoned dogs and cats with their perfect family.
After a few months of volunteering at AWS, friends Stacey Irvine and Kathryn Schmelzer realised that many people wanted to support shelters but did not enjoy going to these “sad places”, so instead bought dogs and cats from pet shops and breeders.
“Each animal bought from a place other than a shelter takes a life and home away from already homeless, mistreated dogs and cats,” Irvine said.
She said adopting an older dog was rewarding and the bond shared was unbreakable.
Adoption is not the only option. People may foster a dog for a period of time and try to find a home for it by networking.
Irvine said many of the dogs suffered from kennel stress and desperately needed a loving home environment. “There are so many ways people can help. We have both adopted from shelters, as well as our family and friends, and we cannot stress how beautiful and devoted these dogs and cats are. It’s like they know you have saved them.”
The two girls get to know each dog individually through walking them weekly, Schmelzer said.
This makes it easier for these dogs and cats to be placed in their new homes, as new adoptive parents can pick a pet to suit their family.
“If you are interested in saving a life and giving a rescued dog or cat a home, consider adopting through My Best Friend,” Irvine said.
Irvine and Schmelzer take shelter dogs for walks every weekend and would like to encourage people who would like some exercise and a “whole lot of love” to join in.
If you can help My Best Friend in any way, contact Stacey on 072-238-2830 or Kathryn on 072-673-4601, find them on Facebook or visit their website at:

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