Buses, new taxis

Alex Salman from West End writes: TAXIS!!!
I am sure we can all relate to my frustration. Even more so when it comes to Algoa buses. Since when do these bus drivers think they too became taxis?
More and more bus drivers are stopping wherever they want. And many of them even think they can sneak the nose of the bus in front of your car during peak hour traffic… you are driving a BUS, idiot! And what irritates most as it recently happened to me is abuse of courtesy. I was driving down Standford Road behind two buses. Both suddenly came to a grinding halt, forcing me to slam on my brakes and almost being rammed from behind. Eventually I managed to get to the other lane, and at that point the first bus tried to squeeze in, in front of me. Despite my frustrations I allowed him to go. Then the second bus tried the same thing and struck my car on the left fender!
I have written to the Algoa Bus company and sincerely hope they will have a serious talk with their employees because this (irresponsible driving by bus drivers) cannot be allowed to continue on our roads.

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