Burglar warning

SEVERAL burglaries in Charlo have led to residents seeking the advice of the Crime Prevention Forum and the Charlo Crime Involvement group.
According to Sector 3 CPF chairwoman and head of Charlo Crime Involvement, Bernadette Henderson, residents have complained of an increase in crime in the area in the last several months.
Henderson, whose team regularly patrols Charlo and the surrounding areas, has addressed issues regarding keeping homes and families safe.
She said one should always be vigilant and never get comfortable and think it would never happen to you. She advises residents to keep doors and security gates locked at all times.
“Burglar bars on windows might not prevent them from breaking through, but they work as a deterrent as criminals tend to strike soft targets rather than go through the hassle of having to try and get through security doors and burglar bars,” said Henderson.
When there is any form of building going on around one’s area, try and vary your routine, as a “strict routine” is usually picked up when a home is being watched, she warns.
“Get to know your neighbours so they can pick up any unusual activity around your home, whether you are there or not, and you can do the same for them. If you see something or someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, rather call the police than think you are wasting their time, as it is better to work on a method of ‘prevention is better than cure’.”
She said residents should attend Sector Policing Forum meetings to be kept up to date with criminal activity in the area, crime statistics and prevention methods. Getting involved with your neighbour- hood watch is also recommended.
Another concern is that dogs will be harmed or poisoned during a break-in.
Henderson recommends keeping dogs inside as it gives you the upper hand because dogs will most likely wake you and give you those extra free seconds to make the necessary phone call or allow you to push a panic button.
“I am yet to come across and incident in our area where dogs were poisoned. Dogs are a deterrent both inside and out, and I keep mine inside at night.”

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