Association for disabled enables children to walk

EVEN without the government’s financial assistance, Motherwell’s Association for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Day Care Centre is doing all it could to care for the vulnerable children.
The centre tends to 39 children with disabilities between the ages of one and seven. It was established in June 2006 as a sub-programme of APD, Nelson Mandela Bay’s existing programme to children with disabilities.
The association’s director, Brian Bezuidenhout said they do not receive any funding from the government.
“It is the centre’s hope that it might be subsidised by the Department of Social Development,” Bezuidenhout said.
” The average monthly cost of sustaining the facility is R45000.”
This month the association will have wheelchair Wednesdays to raise funds for new wheelchairs.
“Companies and executives will each pay R4000 to be in a wheelchair for four hours,” he said.
“The money will be used to buy new wheelchairs and the balance will be donated to the centre.”
The centre also provides:
The necessary therapeutic exercises for the children at the centre as well as ongoing training for the staff and volunteers in the stimulation and care of the children;
Ongoing training of mothers and caregivers to continue with the stimulation and care of the children at home;
Rehabilitation services for children with disabilities in the townships who are enrolled at the centre;
Referrals to other specialist services or assessment to special schools;
Minimising the risk of neglect and deprivation of the vulnerable children.
“In February last year, two of the children underwent operations at Livingstone Hospital. Due to the fact that their hamstring were too short, they could only crawl.
“The hamstrings were lengthened. Both children now walk with the aid of a walker. The APD Day Care Centre staff are hopeful that they will soon be able to walk without any assistance.”

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