A chommie or a curse ?

GUYS, bras, chommies… whatever you choose to call them friends play a major role in all our lives and decisions.
The company you keep may have a bigger influence on your life than you realise.
One thing I have noticed about coloured culture is that we don’t hang out in groups of fewer than three people.
What this creates is another idiot to second the dumb idea your friend just suggested you get up to.
Here is the thing about the “ouens”. As much as you would like to impress them, the reason they are asking you to do it is because they realise the stupidity of even suggesting it.
I have seen and experienced the influence of friends. Drugs, gangs and crime in general are usually the result of one mind being stupid enough to relate to others on his/her level.
Sounds familiar, right… Julius. Time and time again one hears of promising youngsters throwing away their future because they get involved with the wrong people. Friendship is built around trust and this is often abused in the relationship. Friends convincing each other “you can’t become addicted after one hit”, “They will never catch us” and the best “jy weet van niks laat ek jou vertel”.
One of my close friends recently befriended the wrong people. Not long afterwards we started noticing that more and more accessories were missing from his car.
We discovered that he was on tik. Currently he is seeking professional help and a buyer for his car. Yet not one of those “friends” are around anymore.
Don’t get me wrong, friends are one of the greatest assets to have in one’s life.
But if you notice they can only speak among themselves about future plans, you should begin to question whether the plans will allow you to have a future.

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