Elvis (right) the warty pig who has eaten an endangered litter of piglets and injured the mother Manilla (left) so badly she had to be put down.(file photo). One of the otters eat one of these rare monkeys. See SWNS story SWZOO; A zoo has been criticised for a series of mishaps which saw a male warty pig eat his entire critically endangered family – and a rare monkey become lunch for hungry otters. A whistleblower revealed that since December there have been three incidents at Bristol Zoo which have led to animals dying or escaping from their enclosures. Female Visayan Warty pig Manilla was joined by hubby late Elvis last year, and staff said they hoped he would “takes a shine” to her so they would “become proud parents”. But when Manilla gave birth to extremely rare piglets, Elvis ate them all immediately before turning on his enclosure mate who had to be put down due to her injuries.

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