Coach wants decision on Kings’ future to be made as soon as possible

Southern Kings head coach Deon Davids, right.
Picture: Richard Huggard

Concerned  head coach Deon Davids would like to have a decision on the future of the Southern Kings as soon as possible because his players are under pressure to make decisions about their careers.

Most Kings players are contracted only for Super Rugby and after the last game against the Cheetahs on July 14 many will be facing an uncertain future.

This week SA Rugby said it would confirm on July 7 in Cape Town the four South African entrants to a revised Super Rugby competition from next year.

“We will focus on the remaining three Super Rugby games to the best of our ability. But it will be in the back of the minds of the players and there is nothing you can do about that,” Davids said.

“Since we have got back from our break we have been talking about this and we also got our chief executive [Charl Crous] in just to give us some details in terms of where we stand and what the feelings are.

“A lot of players are under pressure because they have to make decisions.

“For me as a coach it is difficult to give the players security or ask them to stay because it’s a couple of weeks and then they don’t have any contracts and stuff. There are also a lot of logistical arrangements that go with this.

“It is in the back of the mind of the players and it is a difficult situation to be in. But it is something that we have to live with day by day and accept.

“The only thing I can do is wish and hope that a lot of players that did not sign yet will be coming back so we can keep some sort of core group that we can work with.”

Because of the delay, there has been widespread speculation that the Kings and the Cheetahs have already been cut and that they will compete in an enlarged European Pro12.

Asked if he would he would like to be part of potentially revamped new-look Pro12 competition, Davids said: “I would definitely like to take part in the competition. I think the Pro12 is something different and it opens a different landscape for the players and coaches.

“Of the group of players we have now there are not going to be many left of the current group. That alone will be a big challenge.”

“If the competition (Pro 12) begins now in September there will be a lot of work to do. I do not know how precisely it will be done at this stage and when work can start.

“That is all the stuff we need more information on as soon as possible to iron things out,” Davids said.

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