High winds make for exciting J-Bay surfing

St Francis Bay’s Dale Staples in action at Supertubes yesterday.
Picture: Alan van Gysen

High winds and big surf made for an exciting day of surfing that saw Dale Staples walk away with the honours in the JBU Supertrial powered by Monster Energy at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, yesterday.

A spirited performance from Staples in the final saw him clinch the coveted wildcard into the Corona Open J-Bay, with Dylan Lightfoot second, Matt McGillivray third, and Mikey February fourth.

The wind was sweeping in from the southwest and the same wind that was causing untold damage in Knysna and Plett was grooming the big waves of Supertubes into incredible tunnels.

The huge storm that had been bashing Cape Town and producing rough surf at the Cape of Storms transformed into perfect, groomed Supertubes walls for the 12 invited surfers.

When Supertubes gets this good it is an amazing freak of nature and this was one of the best days of the year.

The swell grew through the day with the pushing tide and peaked in the final for the four surfers.

In the first semifinal, however, it was St Francis Bay surfer Staples who surfed a brilliant heat, posting a 10-point ride and a back-up of a 9.93, making it a near-perfect 19.93 out of a possible 20 points.

From that point on he was the man to beat, showing incredible form and rhythm throughout.

The final then saw three Kouga surfers and one Capetonian battle it out in near-perfect conditions.

With a pushing tide and a rising swell there were a couple of big sets washing through and rolling over the surfers, with McGillivray taking a couple of the biggest waves of the day.

Cape Town’s February, having an excellent run on the domestic tour, could not find the good ones in the final and came fourth.

McGillivray fought hard but failed to come out of some of the bigger tube rides, finishing third.

Lightfoot had some of the biggest waves of the final as well as some excellent tube rides, but in the end Staples was totally dominant and claimed his first JBU Supertrial victory.

His first prize is a wildcard into the Corona Open J-Bay, $10 000 (R127 000), as well as the valuable Championship Tour competitive experience.

The Corona Open J-Bay, with a waiting period from July 12 to 23, is part of the J-Bay Winterfest.

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