1 000 children vying to be Ironkids champion

ALL WINNERS: Ironkids get ready for their big event Picture: Supplied
ALL WINNERS: Ironkids get ready for their big event
Picture: Supplied

The finish line is ready to welcome the Ironman African Championship to Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth, on Sunday.

Preparations are in full steam as nerves and excitement settle on the athletes ready to earn their colours at this prestigious event.

The men and women who tackle this long distance endurance race are champions, but they are not the only champions of the weekend.

The little champions who pave the way are the Spur Ironkids, whose footsteps cross the same finish line on Hobie Beach mere hours before.

More than 1 000 young athletes between the ages of six and 13 will take part in the world’s biggest aquathlon.

Spur brand development manager Clare Rainey said: “We’ve planned the event to ensure that the participants have fun.

“We want the kids to focus on participation and making new friends, while enjoying the opportunity to take part in a once in a lifetime experience.

“Time and speed are not important, building lasting memories of the day is. We hope to see more and more young boys and girls every year.”

Spur is now in its fourth year as the title sponsor of the event. Spur Ironkids is part of Spur Restaurants’ commitment to promoting an active, healthy lifestyle to children from all walks of life.

Each one of the 1 000 children who participate is a winner.

They receive a Spur Ironkids swim cap, T-shirt, towel and a Pritt goodie bag.

The winners also receive a medal of accomplishment, a certificate of completion and photograph after the race.

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