Win for us won’t be a surprise – Kings coach

Barend Pieterse. File photo. Picture: Michael Sheehan / Gallo Images
Barend Pieterse. File photo.
Picture: Michael Sheehan / Gallo Images

Resolute coach Barend Pieterse says that even though it would be a big surprise for the public if the EP Kings won a Currie Cup Premier Division match this season it would not surprise him or his players.

He was answering a question on whether he would be surprised if his winless team could pull of a victory in one of their final three matches against the Sharks, Lions or Pumas.

The odds will once again be stacked against the Kings when they face the Sharks in Durban on Saturday in their sixth Currie Cup Premier Division game of the season.

“I think it will be a surprise for the public if we win a game and it does not matter whether we are playing Boland, Griquas, the Sharks or the Lions,”Pieterse said.

“I don’t think it will be surprise for us because we work for a win every game.“We don’t play to have 30 or 50 points scored against us.

We are genuinely trying to win and not to keep the score as low as possible.

“It would not be a surprise for us because we think we are capable of a win.

“I really think the group deserve a win and I believe that in one of these last three games itwill happen,” Pieterse said.

Faced with the same question, Kings skipper Ricky Schroeder said: “At times this season we have been close to getting a win. Lapses of concentration have let us down.

“So we know what we are busy with and we definitely believe we have the weapons with the players in the squad and we have confidence in them.

“We are going to out to win. The result will take care of it itself, but we are going out to impress against the Sharks.”

Schroeder said the instability of his team being thrown together six weeks ago was something of the past and the side must now focus on getting results as well.

“We need to take personal responsibility to ensure a team result,” he said.

“The Kings are a side with passion and unity and we had a good team-building last week and that was lovely.”

Early forecasts suggest there could be rain on Saturday, but Schroeder said his team were ready for any conditions.

“Some of the guys have played for the Sharks and most have played at the Shark Tank.“We are aware of the

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