African players want clarity from CSA

THE group of disaffected African cricketers and administrators who raised their concerns in a letter to Cricket South Africa (CSA) last week want clear direction from the game’s local organising body.

They raised, among other issues, concerns around the selection of African players in the national team and sought to have a meeting with CSA president Chris Nenzani and chief executive Haroon Lorgat once they returned from India. A source who did not want to be named said African players needed to know where they stood within CSA’s selection policy framework.

“The biggest issue black African players have is that they want to be picked for the right reasons. Then once picked, they want to be given proper opportunity. The selectors and the coach have to start taking responsibility.”

Part of the criticism has been that, once selected, especially in touring squads, African players get limited game time.

According to the source, the coach [Russell Domingo] and selectors should all share responsibility.

The current selectors are Linda Zondi (convener), Ashwell Prince, Errol Stewart and Hussein Manack, but their predecessors, according to the source, are as culpable.

“Selectors can’t wash their hands of this. There is always a selector on tour and the captain gets a say as well. At provincial level it’s the same.

“Look at Andile Phehlukwayo at the Dolphins. He finally gets a chance and look how he’s played in the last couple of games and he’s only 19.

“How many missed opportunities have we had like that?”

Times Media understands that the South African Players Association (Saca) tried to assist the players in the matter but their offer was declined.

Saca chief executive Tony Irish was not available for comment as he too is out of the country.

In the absence of Nenzani, Lorgat and spokesman Altaaf Kazi, Times Media sought comment from CSA’s transformation manager, Max Jordaan.

Jordaan, surprisingly, revealed he had not had the opportunity to peruse the letter.

“I . . . am aware of the letter though. The president is dealing with the matter.”

He then cited protocol and referred queries to Kazi.

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