Outcome of league race rests on Callies

CALLIES will be the king-makers in the Safa-NMB SAB soccer league tomorrow.

The Londt Park outfit blew a five-point lead just six weeks ago and can finish no higher than third.

However, the result of their match against Subs at the NU2 Stadium in Motherwell will decide who wins the title. Subs have a two-point lead over Lion City and must reverse the 3-2 defeat in the first round to win the title if City beat Highland Spurs at the Jabavu Stadium. City won 3-2 in the first round.

If Subs draw and City win, the teams will be tied on points and the title will go to City on goal difference. The matches will start at 3pm.

“Who wins the trophy is out of our hands but we will fight to the end,” City boss Dr Ngubo Biyana said. Subs’ owner Bongo Zondani is confident the cup will be heading for their cabinet.

“We will beat Callies,” he said. “City will not find Spurs easy to beat.”

Meanwhile, Spurs must win to take fourth place as they are just two points ahead of Fairview Rovers, who play Royal Bucks.

At the bottom of the table, Sunrise Development cannot avoid relegation even if they win their last match against Despatch Pioneers.

Island City, Pioneers, Tomorrow Stars, Peace United and Motherwell Academy will be all be playing for survival.

Fixtures: Hotspurs v Tomorrow Stars (Dyke), Highland Spurs v Lion City (Jabavu Stadium), Island City v Showvillage United (Uitenhage Central), Subs v Callies (NU2 Stadium), Despatch Pioneers v Sunrise Development (Khayamnandi), Motherwell Academy v Camper United (Kemsley Park), Royal Bucks v Fairview Rovers v (NU9 Stadium), Central Acenates v Peace United (Westbourne Oval) – Mogan Segadavan


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