B-boys’ flips add new twist

Unathi Jongihlathi

A PORT Elizabeth woman is revolutionising cheerleading – an activity usually associated with girls in tiny outfits cheering on burly men playing sports – by introducing young men into her squad.

B-boys Cheslyn Meyer, 24, Ryno Kammies, 26, Alvaro van Rensburg, 23, and Leroy Hanse, 26, all of Schauderville, have been cheering on the Southern Kings with the 12-woman squad and will be in action at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium again tonight, helping the team in their Super Rugby survival battle.

Southern Kings rugby cheerleading manager Tarryn Mollison said she included the male dancers in the squad to “change the dynamic of the entertainment by including the four young men”.

“Crowds expect girls with pom- poms. I wanted to add a twist. I’d seen these guys perform before. When they do some of their tricks, you can’t stop yourself from watching,” she said. “They add a new dynamic to the entertainment and to the rugby.”

The men’s set of moves and stunts are combined with the women’s choreographed sets.

“Before a rugby game begins both the guys and girls do their combined routine and then during the course of the game they do separate routines,” Mollison said.

B-boy Meyer said their routine was based on acrobatics.

Their flips and tricks complement the female cheerleaders’ choreography, making it look even more spectacular and entertaining, he said.

Meyer said his reason for dancing at Southern Kings matches was to entertain rugby supporters before and during the games.

“We aim to excite the fans. We do this to support the team and help them gain support that will allow them to play their match with even more energy.

“Dancing is how I make a living and I take pride in what I do because I do it to the best of my ability,” Meyer said.

Kammies said: “This is a great experience for me because [I had never] done something like this.

“I have seen other performances and I can say we are by far the best cheerleading squad in PE when it comes to rugby matches. The crowd really loves us.”

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