Fierce fighters wow fans

Mkhululi Ndamase

FANS cheered for their favourites as blood and sweat flowed at the Image Fighting Champions cage- fighting event in Port Elizabeth over the weekend.

Mixed martial arts fanatics oohed and aahed as the fighters battled it out, cheering on their favourites with every take down and punch landed.

The sport is said to be one of the world’s most barbaric and brutal contact sports, with fighters locked inside a special R70000 metal cage.

While some sang along to the fighters’ theme songs as they entered the cage, others flirted with the ring ladies, asking them for their BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) numbers.

For some, it was a disappointing night as their favourites left with bloodied noses.

But for organisers Chris Bright and Steve Jefferson, the night was a success.

Bright said they hoped to make the event – hosted on Saturday at the Feather Market Centre for the second time after it premiered in the Bay in December – a regular one.

“There were a couple of empty seats but I think those [belonged to] people who bought tickets but did not show up,” he said.

“We are happy with how everything turned out. We are looking at having the next event in early June.

We want to make it a quarterly event,” Bright said.

And the fans agree the fight was good fun.

Zelda van der Merwe of Sherwood said she had a “lekker jol”.

“It was my second time coming to the event and there is something about fighting men.

“Maybe it’s the bad boy image I always associate them with,” she said.

“I enjoyed myself and I think it was a better event than last year’s. I hope it becomes an annual event and I believe if they do that this will be one of the events to look forward to in PE.”

John Kite, of Charlo agreed.

“Hats off to the organisers for such a great job.

“I got my money’s worth.

“What I like most about mixed martial arts is that you can never know what will happen. It has that element of surprise,” he said.

“I would not mind being one of the fighters either. Although the fights were good, I enjoyed the ring ladies more.”

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