No easy riding for Malabar’s dirt-trackers

Francois van Mazijk

A GROUP of bikers from Malabar has come a long way since growing up as friends in the same neighbourhood, sharing the same interests.

Malabar is a small, tight- knit community where lifelong friendships are formed in childhood and this group’s friendship has taken them into the world of fast-paced, adventure- seeking, dirt-track riding.

For Dushan Moodaley, who is the unofficial leader of the group, “it’s not just a sport, it’s a way of life”.

“Dush”, as he is known by friends and club members, started riding when he was about 12 years old, and soon he got his friends in on the action as well. They say this is by no means a “fly by night operation”, but a lifelong bond.

The “Enduro Boyz” and “MX Boyz” are a regular sight at the Rover dirt track but all “petrol heads” are welcome

Their excursions range from Sunday outings to hardcore track riding.

Most of the members are “average guys”, holding down normal jobs which range from service managers to working in the health industry, but when it’s time to put the kit on “the beast” inside is released, they say.

Dirt-track riding is one of the most physically grueling endurance sports, with an enormous amount of pressure on the body and wrists. It is not uncommon to regularly see your mates with broken arms or legs, sprained ankles and all sorts of dislocations, they say. But they get up and ride again.

Like life in all its forms, the ability to endure and persevere is what counts.

The group consists of about 20 members.

Pierre Van den Berg, 38, Adrian Coetzee, 42, Madan Naran, 34, Bashier Shabudin, 41, and Naiem Shabudin, 19, were showing their style at the Rover Raceway for the interview.

Also among the club members are Roshan Nathoo, AJ Nathoo, Shaun Viljoen, Brendan Kriel, Mano Moodelay, Nishan Pillay and Gasie Pillay.

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