Uitenhage karateka off to World Cup

Mthetho Ndoni

UITENHAGE karateka shihan Newman Simakuhle left this week to compete in the World Kumite Organisation (WKO) World Cup tournament, taking place in Osaka, Japan, on Sunday.

Simakuhle, 42, a fifth dan karate black belt, of Shodokaikan Dojo in KwaNobuhle, jetted out yesterday.

He said the invitation to the event came after his performances at the third Kudo World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, in 2009 and the ADC International Championships in Portugal last year.

“This is a great opportunity for me … and the Osaka event will be the most important karate tournament in my life,” Simakuhle said. “I will be promoted to the senior rank in karate, at the level of Masters, as I’m currently heading my own karate style that I’ve created.”

He said the trip would also give him an opportunity to exchange karate styles with other senior international karatekas.

Simakuhle said the reason he had decided to create his own karate style – called Kyokudokaikan, which means “greatest organisation” – was to plough back into the community of KwaNobuhle through sport by teaching young karatekas his style.

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