Perfect conditions for Billabong finals

IN perfect four-foot point-break surf, Davey Brand won the Billabong Pro Junior Boys final against Dylan Lightfoot with two excellent scoring rides at Cape St Francis.

Slade Prestwich and Benji Brand were tied in third place at the weekend.

The Billabong Pro Junior at Seal Point offered R42000 in prize-money, with $2000 (R16800) plus 250 ranking points going to the winner of the men’s event and the women’s winner receiving $1000 (R8400).

In the Pro Junior Girls, Bianca Buitendag and Sarah Baum fought it out, with Buitendag taking the top spot. Emma Smith and Tanika Hoffman were tied in third place.

The u-12 boys was won by Max Elkington, with Koby Oberholzer, Brage Jongensen and Angelo Faulkner taking the minor spots.

The end results in the u-14 boys were Jordan Maree in first place, Koby Oberholzer second (surfing in his second final in a row), Donovan Wichmann third and Adin Nasencamp fourth.

Final placings in the u-16 girls were Tahra Uren first, Britney Linder second, Anoush Zakarian third and Inge Mclaren fourth.

The u-16 boys’ final was another close battle, with Matt McGillivray first, followed by Benji Brand in second, Shane Sykes in third and Jordan Maree in fourth.

In the Red Bull Air Show, Mikey February took R2000 for a big forehand air reverse.

The DaKine highest heat score of the event award and R2000 went to Bianca Buitendag with a heat score of 17.9

The Citroën Surfer of the Event award and R2000 went to Koby Oberholzer.

Qualifying for the ASP World Junior Championships in Bali in October will be Beyrick de Vries, Mikey February, Slade Prestwich, Davey Brand and Dylan Lightfoot in the men’s division, and Bianca Buitendag and Sarah Baum in the girls’ division.

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