Kaymer’s silent climb

GOLFER Martin Kaymer looks to have the same drive, determination and mental strength as former tennis champions Steffi Graf, Boris Becker and seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher.
 But unlike his fellow German athletes, Kaymer’s own rise to the top of his sport before he took over as world number one from Britain Lee Westwood on Monday, has largely gone unnoticed in his country.
 Whereas Becker, Graf and Schumacher captivated Germans with their exploits on the courts and the racing tracks, boosting their sports’ popularity to new heights, Kaymer has quietly shot up the rankings.
 Where the others had TV spots, front pages and fly- on-the-wall coverage of their events, Kaymer is much more low profile, never making it on the best-selling Bild newspaper’s front page.
 Kaymer has not been back to Germany for any length of time since clinching his first major title at last year’s PGA Championship, but he hopes to raise his sport’s profile there even more now that he has become world number one. – Reuters
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