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Seaview lions bred for hunting parks – video

By on September 9, 2014

PROUD BEASTS: Lions in an enclosure at the Seaview Predator Park in Port Elizabeth. Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI

PROUD BEASTS: Lions in an enclosure at the Seaview Predator Park in Port Elizabeth. Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI

LIONS and tigers from Port Elizabeth’s Seaview Predator Park are being sold to game farms known for hunting and the exporting of animal bones.

While the popular park punts itself as a wildlife sanctuary and allows tourists to pet the lions for a price, Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (Dedeat) MEC Sakhumzi Somyo has confirmed that:

  • The park has sent 22 lions to Cradock hunting reserve Tam Safaris since 2008, three of them this year; and


  • Two tigers have been sent from the park to South Africa’s leading bone exporter, Letsatsi la Africa, in the Free State since 2008, and nine lions were sent last year.

Somyo was responding last week to a series of questions raised by the DA’s chief whip in Bhisho, Bobby Stevenson, regarding the transport of lions and tigers in and around the country.

This comes after the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality refused to give the Seaview Predator Park a rates rebate earlier this year, saying it could not be sure the park was not participating in “canned hunting”.

The park’s owners have refused to comment on the issue.

Earlier this year, The Herald’s sister publication, Weekend Post, revealed that television show hosts, major league sports stars, wealthy entrepreneurs and a former US congressman were among those who had hunted at the family-run Tam Safaris.

Dedeat permits indicate there have been 86 lion hunts at Tam Safaris over the past six years.

After being told that The Herald had seen proof from Dedeat, Tam Safaris owner Irvin Tam admitted the business had bought lions from the Seaview Predator Park, owned by Janice and Rusty Gibbs.

“I have an agreement with them but can assure you that none of these lions from Seaview are used for hunting,” he said.

“They are specifically used to breed and bring new blood into our breeding projects. Those lions [the offspring] are then either sold or used for hunting. I must stress again that all our hunts are legal and completely by the book,” he said.

Tam Safaris exported 32 lion carcasses to Vietnam in 2011, 738kg of lion bones and teeth in 2012 and 459kg of lion bones, claws and teeth last year. – Gareth Wilson

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31 Responses to Seaview lions bred for hunting parks – video

  1. This is so Outrageous! How can PPL let this go on? Isnt there a decent way to make money there? Raising animals to trust you and lure them unto their death. People this is UNREAL! We have to do something about this SERIOUSLY!

  2. Debra-Ann McGregor

    Rusty and Janice, What the hell is going on?
    I was a vollie in October 2006, looking after Oliver,Yankee and their two sisters.
    It would kill me if I knew you sent them away for some idiot to hunt them for the hell of it?
    I loved those cubs, and you took my money for me to work there and look after them!
    I hope JD and Nala and all the other Lions were safe, thank God Whitey went to S-A lion Park!
    Over the last few years something has always come up about Seaview.
    My God!I do not wan’t to think the worst!

  3. I mean I sorry

  4. I pray to god that the government close them down once and they never come up again it’s a total waist of time and money and for human beings in 2014 in such highly educated times to run a deceptive business like this no its unacceptable may the curse of God be on u bunch of foolish rubbishes !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “yourself”

  6. killers trophy hunters

    still this sick mental cancers killing and destroys what is not trophy and never property at killing!!!!! nature is not property African government must be depose!!!! they kill us all!!! thanks theirs lability!!!! nature killing other humans… So much natural disasters! thanks them and humans still waiting, when nature kill them all!…. humans must fight!!! African governments is not nature and animals! come with us fight against this governments!!! Law against killing animals for fun like trophy wildlife, cruelty to animals! and destroys nature!!!!!!!!!!

    • killers trophy hunters

      sick bones from lions are the same like from humans!!!! so when i go killing this sick cancers and selling theirs bones so it is good too?!!! i wrote at Europe Union what Africa doing with our nature and animals!!! Cruelty to animals!!! they destroys out life environment!!!!

  7. Hi there guys!
    Besides all of that real inhumane facts, seaview lion park also doing illegal activities on that premises and a further investigation is in process !!!!!

  8. Hi there guys!
    Besides all of that real inhumane facts, the Seaview Lion Park also doing illegal activities on that premises and a further investigation is in process!

  9. Hi there guys!
    Besides all of that inhumane real facts, the Seaview park is also used for other illegal activities monitored by unmarked agencies and will be investigated further!

    • Hello Ross
      Yes I was also informed about something to that effect but I was waiting for them to be exposed by government , I wish to see justice that the Seaview park must be shut down!

  10. Leave the wild animals alone. Keep them safe.
    Ban the hunters from hunters, take their passport.
    It’s disgusting what they do.

  11. DISGUSTING and appalling. What cretins, what savages. The way a country treats its helpless animals is indicative of its human rights, or lack thereof. Cry the beloved South Africa

  12. absolutely fucking disgusting! myself and my family been coming here since i was a kid, petted the cubs and stuff! ftw. and to think they bond with the lions…sickening and disturbing! imagine how scared they must of been!gut turning!

    • Hi Duncan, must be dreadful for you knowing you have given money to this crowd. If you choose another place, then be warned, any so called “reserve” etc., that allows petting of cubs, would most probably not be best to visit. Usually this means when older they are then sent off for canned hunting. Reputable places would never allow petting of these wild animals. Good luck in finding an ethical Game Reserve.

  13. perhaps an incomplete view, why don’t you read this

  14. This literally turns my gut – I am an animal lover, and wish the government would stop supporting these so-called ‘game farms’ and ‘predator parks’ where it is known that the animals are sent to farms for ‘canned hunting’! it is horrific that these beautiful animals are kept and bred for this! I wish a sign could be put at the entrance to these parks, saying something like – do you realise you are supporting canned hunting? Visitors should be made aware of what is happening and not support them! one day when lions are extinct, and the day is rapidly approaching, will they then stand up and say – I wonder what went wrong? IDIOTS

  15. dallas Oesterlein

    what bad news to the people that did not know this. so many people vist there as i have in the past. what will happen to the animals that remain id we all boycott them? i agree that the selling for canned hunting is wrong, i just wonder what will happen now to all the animals they have. Dallas

  16. My daughter has being asking me for a while if we can’t visit this park. I read the article with disgust, I am an animal lover and believe we need to look after the nature and wild animals. Soon as money comes into the equation it seems to stuff it up badly. I accept we all need to make a living, but to make a living out of killing animals is not ethical, especialy when on one hand showing this “we love animals face and then on the other “lets sell them to be shot” or for a few bones. Wont be going there I suppose.

  17. Thank you for covering this story!! Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it ethical or right. The more media coverage on this issue, the more people will realise that these “sanctuaries” (as they like to call themselves) who offer cub petting and walks with lions, are really just part of the canned lion hunting chain. These places are downright evil. Their marketing is based on lies, and I think people should know what they’re actually supporting when they spend their hard-earned money there.

  18. What a Disgrace … and a shame to The Friendly City. Now the Canned Lion Factory City. I hope that Rusty and Janice sleep comfortably at night in the luxury they have reaped from Blood Money. Another couple who have sold their souls, as they worship at the feet of the Idol Mammon.

    • Dear Briar – Whilst I am deeply disturbed and angered by canned hunting and dislike the thought that Seaview Lion Park could in anyway be supporting the ‘industry’ – I do object to your statement that the owners of the Lion Park’s souls have been ‘sold’ to any idol.

      The sale of an animal, for any purpose, be it as a pet, for food or for sport does not affect your Soul and it’s destiny. You hint at a knowledge of scripture by your vitriolic statement that the owners ”worship at the feet of the idol mammon.” You should therefore know that God gave people dominion of the earth and that He does not prescribe our use thereof. If you know Rusty and Janice at all, you would not make such a slanderous statement about them worshipping idols.

  19. heart broken and MORTIFIED at hearing this! here we are paying to see these beautiful animals and they just being FARMED for HUNTING? just a little FYI – there are currently LESS lion then RHINO – so just what is going to be done about this?? I hope the owners get the rude remarks they sadly deserve :(

  20. Visitors should realise that by visiting this park, they are supporting the lion hunting industry. Just to be clear, the overwhelming majority of these lions are hunted as canned lions. Disgraceful.

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