Zuma can find extra protection in prison – Maimane

If President Jacob Zuma wants extra protection or amnesty‚ he can find it in a maximum security prison.

That is what DA leader Mmusi Maimane said on Monday during a media conference in Cape Town after the DA federal council met over the weekend.

“There can be no special deals for Zuma. No legal fees paid by the state‚ no extra security‚ no protection from prosecution as a state witness. Nothing. He must face the full consequences of his actions. If he wants extra protection‚ there is no place as secure as maximum security prison. We will push on with the 783 counts of corruption that were erroneously dropped by the NPA almost a decade ago.”

Maimane lambasted Zuma for holding the ANC and South Africa to ransom by refusing to leave. He believed this showed how powerful Zuma was and “how deep rooted the network of corruption that he built runs”.

Maimane believed Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa becoming the ANC president had “turned the mood of the nation”‚ but that a smooth transition from Zuma to Ramaphosa was not the best solution for South Africa.

“The immediate removal and criminal prosecution of Jacob Zuma and all his corrupt cronies within the ANC is what is in the best interests of the country.”

Maimane said if Ramaphosa could not remove Zuma‚ then either Parliament or South African voters must step in.

“The ANC cannot hold us ransom. The people of South Africa must take action.”

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