ANC Youth League will oppose a Zuma recall

President Jacob Zuma’s cheerleader‚ the ANC Youth League‚ has vowed to oppose any attempts to have him recalled at Wednesday’s special national executive committee (NEC) meeting in East London.

Speaking to the Dispatch in Duncan Village during a door-to-door visit to child-headed households on Tuesday‚ ANCYL secretary-general Njabulo Nzuza said anyone who called for Zuma’s removal would be “vindictive”.

The meeting‚ to be held at the East London ICC‚ will give an indication of the balance of forces within Cyril Ramaphosa’s NEC.

The NEC‚ which is the highest decision-making body in between ANC conferences‚ is meeting for the first time after the election of the party’s new leadership last month at Nasrec.

Officially the meeting is to discuss the January 8 anniversary statement to be delivered by Ramaphosa on Saturday.

But talks of a motion to remove Zuma being forced into the agenda have been gaining momentum.

However‚ Nzuza said they would not take kindly to any talk about recalling Zuma.

One thought on “ANC Youth League will oppose a Zuma recall

  • January 12, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    where do these so called ‘ANCYL leaders’ come from?….the buffoon factory?…they haven’t even reached adolescence in politics the way they are tackling critical issues……they should go back to the basic documents of the movement barhabule…this is not a Zuma ANC…..and there should be no double standards…a resolution of not having 2 centers of power when President Mbeki was being chased away was endorsed and now its Zuma, they are trying to revolt….those who defy the mother body and the movement should be dealt with the same way aboMalema were dealt with (not to say I agree with what happened then) and we should not have double standards or else we will have uncontrollable subordination in the ranks of our party…this hypocrisy and buffoonery should be uprooted now before it taints our movement


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