Party draws battle line with DA in Kouga by-election

The Kouga Municipality will hold a by-election on Wednesday to select a new councillor, following the sacking of a DA delegate two months ago.

Ward 5 councillor Desmond Petersen was fired in October, following a disciplinary hearing in which he was found guilty of violating internal caucus rules.

The ward consists of Vaaldam, Arcadia, Johnsons Ridge and Graslaagte in Humansdorp.

ANC Sarah Baartman regional secretary Scara Njadayi said even though the party had been the opposition for two consecutive terms in that ward, he was hopeful the ANC would take it.

“Even though we lost last year, this time there is a positive attitude from the people towards the ANC due to the failure of the DA of fulfilling all the undertakings it set in 2016.

“The DA failed to deliver on those promises,” Njadayi said.

The ANC was planning on capitalising on the DA being fractured in the ward.

The ANC candidate for Ward 5 is Jacob Oos-Lukas.

Njadayi said the ANC had received complaints about people not getting their electricity and water subsidy in the ward.

“The electricity subsidy they used to get has been cut off and the free 600 litres of water they used to get has also been cut.”

Other complaints were that the administration was “racially inclusive”, he said. “When it comes to recruitment of labour in the area, coloured and Xhosa people are being overlooked.”

But Kouga mayor Elza van Lingen dismissed the claims that people were being employed based on their skin colour.

There was no racism in the municipality, she said.

“On June 30, our equity employment plan was submitted to the labour department, and we are correct in following the procedures recommended.

“We wanted white people to apply for the lowest class of employment in the municipality, which is the general worker,” Van Lingen said.

The DA was confident it would retain Ward 5.

The party’s candidate for councillor is Wilma Coenraad, Van Lingen said.

“It is a DA ward, it is a blue ward and it has been a DA ward that has gone through several by-elections – and we have won all four of them,” she said.

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