Corruption the new oppression – Maimane

Corruption has become the new oppression in South Africa‚ and this corrupt system is being kept alive by criminals and the dishonest being shielded from the law, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said.

Addressing the DA’s Gauteng provincial congress on Saturday‚ Maimane said a new beginning was needed to remove the corrupt system completely.

He said more than 30 million South Africans now lived below the upper poverty line.

One in seven South Africans faced extreme food poverty‚ while the country’s expanded unemployment rate now sat above 36%.

“And the reason the situation is getting worse is because our economy is paralysed.

“We have no growth. We’re dipping in and out of recession‚ we have been downgraded to junk status and our national debt is growing.”

Maimane said South Africans must forget about the ANC’s December conference‚ and nothing that happened there would make any difference to the predicament the country found itself in.

“How can an organisation focused on the past be trusted to build a new future?”

“We must focus on building our economy. While we all feel the pinch‚ it is the most vulnerable in our society who are hit the hardest.

“Life for poor‚ black South Africans is getting tougher by the day. They remain poor because a corrupt system‚ designed to look after the elite at the expense of the poor‚ keeps them in poverty. Corruption is the new oppression.”

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