‘ANC must self-correct at conference’

The time for self-correction is at the ANC’s elective conference‚ at which new leadership will be elected, secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said.

Speaking on Eusebius McKaiser’s show on 702 yesterday‚ Mantashe said if the ANC failed to do this‚ they would lose voters.

“Self-correction is a function of what the ANC does and as I said‚ the December conference is a very important milestone for self-correcting,” he said.

“If the ANC fails to self-correct in that conference‚ it is likely to decline further‚ so the first timeline for selfcorrection is the December conference.”

President Jacob Zuma’s second term as the leader of the ANC is coming to an end in just under two months‚ and a new leader of the party is expected to take the reins at the conference‚ due to take place at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Soweto from December 16-20.

Asked if he agreed that Zuma should be fired as president of the country after the conference‚ Mantashe said that proper protocol must be followed‚ if such a decision was taken by the executive of the newly elected leadership.

“What we should do is to manage our affairs properly. If ultimately the president is asked to step aside‚ it must happen in a systematic [and] organised way – but the ANC must be in a state of stability‚ even when that happens‚” Mantashe said .

Zuma’s term as head of state will only lapse in 2019.

In what appears to be the most heated leadership race the ANC has ever had‚ it is unclear at this stage if there is an outright front-runner.

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