Netshitenzhe warns ANC branches to elect quality delegates

ANC veteran and National Executive Committee member Joel Netshitenzhe
Picture: Siyamtanda Capa

ANC veteran and National Executive Committee member Joel Netshitenzhe has warned branches in Nelson Mandela Bay to elect quality delegates who will contribute in policy discussions rather that mere “voting cattle”.

Netshitenzhe delivered a lecture at Nelson Mandela University Missional on Saturday titled Oliver Tambo: the evolution of the ANC, strategy and tactics.

With less than three months left before the national ANC conference in December Netshitenzhe warned branches to elect delegates who would know that the purpose of the conference was to discuss policy and not just electing the top six.
“The experience we have had with the past two conferences delegates just attended to elect the top six and leave. But disciplined members stay put and discuss important policies.”

“The delegates you elect must not be voting cattle,” Netshitenzhe said.

“For those who are going to the conference we need to keep in mind the policy decisions and leadership elected there might determine if the ANC continues to pursue the national democratic revolution” he said.

Netshitenzhe addressed a packed chamber in Missionvale as part of the Robert Matji political school.

Netshitenzhe also shared his thoughts on the recent cabinet reshuffle saying it raised concerns and questions on whether the ANC was still a “strategic center of power”.

“When the South African council of churches says things are going wrong but the echo chamber say we don’t know what you are talking about…you must ask yourself if the ANC is still the strategic center of power?”
Branch general meeting disputes were among some of the issues raised by some of those who attended.

Netshitenzhe said he hoped they would be resolved.

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