ANC leaders, Masualle unhappy with conference process

Premier and former ANC chairman, Phumulo Masualle
File picture: Eugene Coetzee

A group of senior ANC leaders led by premier and former ANC chairman Phumulo Masualle have said they are unhappy with the process followed during the provincial conference in East London last week.

The group have submitted a 28 page report to the National Working Committee detailing the events leading up to violent scenes at the conference.

The report also calls for urgent intervention.

Masualle alongside his former deputy Sakhumzi Somyo, former spokesman Mlibo Qoboshiyane and others abandoned the conference after a brawl broke out in the early hours of Sunday.

An ambulance leaves the East London ICC where several delegates were injured during disruptions at the ANC Eastern Cape conference
Picture: Nwabisa Makunga

In the report the group describe “shameful events which were flawed by gross tempering, blatant manipulation and fraudulent process of conference.”

“We wish to submit to the ANC Officials and the NWC that it remains our assessment that the processes building up to the ANC EC Provincial conference infringed not only on the democratic rights of members but had constrained and severely weakened the fundamental principles of the African National Congress,” the report read.

Issues mentioned in the report include disputes on branch general meetings and inconsistencies by the National Executive Committee(NEC) on appeals.

Qoboshiyane on Saturday confirmed the report.

“All we wanted to do with the report is to detail everything that happened leading up to Sunday.”

“The conference was presided over by the chairperson and his deputy chairperson. When it collapsed a report was generated,” Qoboshiyane said.

One thought on “ANC leaders, Masualle unhappy with conference process

  • October 8, 2017 at 11:43 am

    It is very surprising how ANC positions can change characters of some people that do not want to vacate positions especially those were once respected in the movement. I had time to read through the so called report, it’s full of fabrications, one sided report, not a true reflection of what transpired on the build up to the conference. These people have cited some branches especially in O.R. Tambo where they wrote crystal lies about what took place on the ground, they are the ones who have plunged the ANC into this disrepute, all they have to do is to apologize to the organization.
    I feel sorry for them because they never wrote that so called report, it was written by non-other than their controversial lawyer that is hell bent into destroying the ANC.
    How on earth internal processes for appeal come after a court action. I am looking foward to see how the NEC will treat the matter considering that these people just lost court process on the same conference.
    Cde Masualle , Somyo, Qhoboshiyane and others must understand that there were leaders before them in the ANC, positions are not permanent in the ANC, leaders come and go. Why when it’s time for them to go , the ANC has to be plunged into this crisis. They must know that they are not bigger than the ANC.


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