Khoza lambastes youth league call for her removal as MP

Makhosi Khoza

African National Congress MP Makhosi Khoza tore into the ANC Youth League in the eThekwini region on Friday after it released a statement saying she should be recalled and said she was a “danger to the unity of the ANC”.

Without mincing her words‚ Khoza said the youth league did not understand the ANC’s constitution and should go back to the drawing board and debate it.

The eThekwini youth league said it had noted Khoza’s towards discipline in the organisation and “we call for her to be withdrawn as a member of Parliament”‚ the statement read.

“We have heard the applause directed at her from opposition quarters grow louder and louder. This to us indicates that her conduct is calculated to achieve an outcome appreciated by those who stand directly opposed to the national democratic revolution.

“We must thank Makhosi Khoza for showing her true colours at this stage before dealing a deadly blow to the ANC‚ as this allows the leadership to save the ANC from her dangerous hands.”

Khoza said on Facebook on April 10 that the “politics of patronage had finally claimed the sanity of the ANC leadership and that a triumphant story had turned tragic in her lifetime”.

She also said the ANC could have handled the upcoming motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma in a better way‚ because its MPs were now caught between choosing the party or society.

“I don’t think they [the youth league] comprehend what I am saying because they have shifted from principles to personalities‚” Khoza told TimesLive on Friday.

“I also don’t think they appreciate the fact that I have been associated with this organisation since I was 12‚ I am 47 now. They came yesterday‚ they don’t understand.

“They are not thinking about ANC survival‚ and I have said I want to vote for the survival of the ANC‚” she said‚ in reference to the vote of no confidence in Zuma that MPs will soon face.

“Do they want the ANC dead? If they want the ANC dead‚ why do they belong to this organisation?

“I don’t think they actually grasp this thing‚ and I don’t think they have ever actually read rule 4 subsection 17 of the ANC constitution‚” Khoza said.

Rule 4 she said‚ spoke directly the “moral conscience of the ANC”.

“How do you divorce my moral conscience from my political choices? Because when I voted for the ANC‚ my moral conscience was factored in‚” she explained.

“If you are saying I mustn’t vote with my moral conscience‚ what exactly do you mean? Does the ANC of today have a problem with being able to distinguish wrong and right? I want them to go check the Oxford dictionary; it has a very nice definition of conscience.”

She also said that people were tired of asking question; it was time for the ANC to tell people what was going on.

“They must stop beating around the bush now. We are tired and people want to understand what is going on in this country. The ruling party must come out in the open now – are you and amoral organisation now? Have you transitioned from being moral to amoral? That’s the bottom line‚” she concluded.

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