The time to defend wrong decisions over – Nzimande

The time is over for the SA Communist Party to support wrong decisions made by the ANC, simply because they are allies.

SACP secretary-general Blade Nzimande said this at the SACP’s Chris Hani Commemoration in Boksburg yesterday.

Nzimande was clear he supported calls for President Jacob Zuma to stand down‚ saying his leaving office would be “necessary but not sufficient” as things were now far worse than they were leading up to Polokwane in 2008, when president Thabo Mbeki was recalled.

“If things continue as they are‚ the ANC will eat itself,” he said.

“What will replace the ANC if it goes to conference and tears itself apart?

“Since 1994, we have largely said because the ANC leads‚ we are going to campaign for an ANC victory. Therefore the ANC has a licence to do as it wishes.

“But when wrong decisions are taken, we are expected to defend the ANC because we are allies. No. The time for that‚ has ended.”

He also called for a massive‚ militant mobilisation of the working class to fight monopoly capital.

“If the workers do not stand up‚ our revolution will be gone‚” Nzimande said, explaining that the Public Investment Corporation comprised the pension and provident funds of workers.

“Therefore, it is reckless to say ‘let the rand fall’. It’s the lives of workers.”

It did not matter if the monopoly capital was white or black‚ the SACP would fight it.

SACP Gauteng chairman Joe Mpisi said: “If the ANC does not self-correct‚ the SACP will do what is necessary.”

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