NUMSA expresses their annoyance towards Zuma

NUMSA’s leadership yesterday blasted president Jacob Zuma during the union’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Taking a swipe at the president last night during a gala dinner in Durban, Numsa President Andrew Chirwa said the union had been the first to sound the warning bell over Zuma’s leadership.

“We were the first to say Zuma must fall back in 2012 but many have forgotten that today,” said Chirwa.

He added that the union had warned “the likes of (Blade) Nzimande about the danger they are now talking about in 2012 but instead they chose to close ranks, to stop criticism of Zuma,” he said.

Calling Zuma the “worst disaster of our time” Chirwa tore into the president’s ousting of Pravin Gordhan from the treasury saying Gordhan had been replaced by a man who knew nothing about accounting.

Equally critical was Numsa General Secretary Irvin Jim who said Zuma “thinks like a chicken which forgets quickly.

“Zuma has forced our economy into junk status because he has already forgotten about the arms deal where none of the jobs it promised were created,” said Jim.

He said about 40 000 workers at coal power stations in South Africa would lose their jobs should South Africa introduce nuclear power. Jim also criticised the country’s Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) policy saying it prioritised developed areas, leaving small towns under developed.

“Small towns have become ghost towns, you see poverty written in the face of our people as the results of GEAR,” Jim said.

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