Clamp on abuse of municipal vehicles

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is clamping down on the abuse of its vehicles by staff, who are using them for shopping trips, to take children to school and even for driving lessons.

At Wednesday’s mayoral committee meeting, mayor Athol Trollip said there was large-scale abuse of the vehicles by staff and it was high time executive directors monitored their use.

“There is blatant abuse of municipal vehicles,” he said.

“They are used to [transport] children, and you see them at shopping centres.

“On weekends, they are used to give driving lessons – many have their trackers disconnected.

“We are now going to monitor their use closely. “To fuel them is expensive. “The safety and security directorate will be on the lookout for any vehicles that are being abused.”

Trollip also urged residents to report any abuse of municipal vehicles.

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