ANC is masterminding co-ordinated campaign of disruption and disturbance – Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga

City of Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga has lashed out at the African National Congress over the disruption of three DA-led Metropolitan Council meetings across South Africa this week‚ saying it represents a coordinated campaign of disruption and disturbance by the ANC.

“It is no coincidence that on the same day in Tshwane‚ Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay‚ the ANC in opposition carried out violence and chaos and tried to stop the business of government‚” he said.

In Tshwane‚ he said‚ the ANC disruption on Thurday manifested itself through an unlawful and violent protest by the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu)‚ and disruptions inside the council chamber through ANC councillors abusing the rules continuously.

“Distractions to this process are nothing but sideshows‚ and will not prevent the progress we are making‚” he vowed.

“Our progress no doubt frightens and panics the ANC‚ who is watching from the side-lines as the DA-led government shows that progress happens faster and better once you vote the ANC out.”

Msimanga said in future‚ the city would take extra measures to ensure that the business of Council goes ahead‚ unhindered.

“We face a politically motivated ANC disturbance campaign‚ and must meet this with necessary means to keep our business ongoing.”

This would involve the police and internal measures.

Currently three ANC councillors are under disciplinary processes for their behaviour in the September Council Meeting. “These processes will be concluded as soon as possible to meet out the appropriate sanction‚ the most severe being the removal of that councillor from the Tshwane Metro Council.

“Disciplinary action out of yesterday’s council meeting for those councillors who disrupted the sitting have been referred to the Rules and Ethics Committee for expedited consideration at the very next sitting of the Committee.

“Criminal charges have been laid against ANC councillors who broke Council property and assaulted other councillors‚ and during the criminal investigation we are cooperating with the SAPS to bring these matters to prosecution as soon as possible. We believe the ANC councillors involved must see their day in court.”

Msimanga said he would also meet ANC leaders to discuss the situation.

In addition‚ criminal charges will be laid against the leadership of the ANC-aligned Samwu members for their unlawful actions. Their gathering was both illegal and violent‚ and included weapons‚ missiles and rocks.

“Yesterday Samwu came out to pick a fight‚ cause chaos and disrupt the City; instead of taking up genuine issues on behalf of workers. Samwu is an ANC union‚ and it cannot be separated from the political agenda of the ANC in Council.”

“We will always work with Samwu to make the City work‚ but we cannot entertain unlawfulness and impossible demands…”

Msimanga said he had also spoken to the leaders of all other parties in the Tshwane council on Friday‚ and they have pledged their support for the measures necessary to ensure an end to the disruptions.

“All parties are united in insisting that the ANC gets on with being an opposition party‚ without holding back the business we must get through.”




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