Leaking sewage gets into New Brighton homes

A pool  of sewage from a blocked municipal drain at the bottom of Mtunja Street, New Brighton, has started to seep into houses.

But while a Nelson Mandela Bay municipal team unblocked the drain on Thursday night, it was clogged again the next morning.

A stinking pool has formed, with sewage still gushing out.

Nokhanyo Faku, 69, whose house is near the clogged drain, said the municipal workers had promised to return after working on the drain last Thursday.

“We are going to get sick and die from the smell. My body has been scratchy ever since the drain blocked,” she said.

“We call the municipality all the time when the drains burst, but they take their time getting here.”

Since the municipality had tried to fix the problem on Thursday, she said, it had just got worse.

The sewage not only flows down the street but also seeps in to Faku’s home and those of her neighbours.

She has even dug a trench to try to get the water to flow away from her house.

“The sewage is in my garden, getting closer to my front door. The smelly water also gets into my son’s shack.”

Life Mercantile Hospital quality, safety and support specialist Melanie Gelderbloem said contact with sewage could cause bacterial, viral and parasitical infections.

“People should wash their hands and bodies immediately after being in contact with sewage,” she said.

Nelson Mandela Bay spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki failed to comment.

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