DA guilty of cadre deployment: Tshwane ANC

Solly Msimanga. File photo  Picture: Rapport / Lisa Hnatowicz / Gallo Images
Solly Msimanga. File photo. Picture: Rapport / Lisa Hnatowicz / Gallo Images

Five hours into the Tshwane council meeting‚ the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance was still fighting over the authenticity of some of the officials present in chambers.

After tussles‚ argument and a forced adjournment‚ the council restarted after lunch and the battle continued.

ANC councillor and regional deputy chair Mapiti Matsena had earlier explained to journalists why the opposition was furious on the decisions made by mayor Solly Msimanga.

“Our argument is that he [Msimanga] appointed the chief of staff who was the previous ANC councillor on the August 31 into his office. The post was not advertised. There was no process towards that appointment.

“He wants to argue that there is legislation which says if there is an emergency you can just appoint a person… There is no position called the chief of staff in council. There is a strategic executive head office of the speaker‚” said Matsena.

“The DA has portrayed itself as a corruption-free government [with] no cadre deployment but they are doing that.”

He further argued that the position of the secretariat of council and the chair of chairs were not legally filled.

“Legislation provides that the MEC [of Cogta] must declare councillors that are full-time. We call it a Section 12 notice. This is the mayor‚ chief whip and members of the mayoral committee. All those chairpersons are full time. They have treated him as a full-time councillor. We are saying we can’t call that individual to be called the chair of chairs because the person has not been declared by the MEC.”

Msimanga rejected this view in council saying all regulations of council had been followed in the appointment of the chair of chairs.

Msimanga rejected Matsena’s allegations in council.


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