Lack of paper puts brakes on car licence renewals

The ongoing shortage of the special paper used to print vehicle licence disks at post offices in Nelson Mandela Bay and other parts of the province looks set to continue into this week.

The shortages have resulted in excessively long queues at the Traffic Department in Port Elizabeth particularly, where motorists have been forced to queue from early morning to try to renew their licences.

On Friday, motorist Lydia Tshangela, 34, said she had gone to the Traffic Department in Korsten in Port Elizabeth at 6am.

“I [wanted] to be among the first people in the queue,”she said.

“There were people queuing already but it was better than having to wait the whole day to be helped.”

Lunga Mcetywa, 30, said he had been going to the Rink Street, Central, post office for nearly two weeks, but had not yet managed to renew his licence.

“Every time I get here it is the same thing, there is no paper to print the licence disk.”

When contacted for comment yesterday, South African Post Office spokesman Khulani Qoma committed to releasing a statement around the issue, but failed to do soby late yesterday.

Qoma cited not having secured approvals from management as the reason.

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