Trollip travel move old policy and absurd- ANC’s Ndoni


Deputy ANC council leader Bicks Ndoni yesterday described banning of first-class and business-class travel as  , saying it was a policy already implemented two years ago.

Ndoni’s comments came after Trollip imposed a ban on business class domestic travel in a strict enforcement of the city’s 2014 travel policy on Sunday.

The ban, which applies to all officials and public representatives for domestic travel, formed part of Trollip’s cost-saving initiative, aimed at securing R100-million in savings in his administration’s first 100 days.

Ndoni, the metro’s former deputy mayor, said it was a directive from the national Treasury that all flights should be on economy class. “It’s absurd that he will make a blanket statement without saying who was flouting the policy,” Ndoni said.

“The mayor must say, these are the officials or public reps that transgressed the policies.”

The previous government took a decision that an alternative arrangement should be made to book flights in-house instead of through travel agencies, he said.

“We said we must have measures to check the travels of officials and even see if it is necessary for them to attend some of them for a week, for instance,”Ndoni said.

Mayoral chief of staff Kristoff Adelbert said a report was being compiled by the city’s travel service provider which would indicate which officials and public representatives had failed to follow the2014 policy.

“It is clear it wasn’t adhered to.”

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