NFP expels treasurer-general after local government elections blunder

National Freedom Party members. Picture: Timeslive
National Freedom Party members.
Picture: Timeslive

The National Freedom Party (NFP) announced the expulsion on Monday morning of its former treasurer-general‚ Xolani Ndlovu‚ who has been fingered as the mastermind behind the party’s failure to contest the local government elections last month.

Ndlovu is the first big casualty in the embattled party’s internal infighting.

Acting national chairperson of the party Bheki Gumbi said Ndlovu was found guilty of various offences during a disciplinary hearing early in July.

Gumbi said Ndlovu was hauled before the NFP’s disciplinary structures following the party’s failure to contest the August 3 elections due to the blunder he caused when he “erroneously” forgot to pay the IEC the required deposit.

“Ndlovu was subsequently suspended pending the outcome of the investigations‚” he said.

Gumbi said Ndlovu faced five charges:

(a) misappropriation of party funds;

(b) act of gross dishonest or corruption;

(c) false representation or deception within the party with an intention of advancing one’s selfish motives;

(d) engaging in a behaviour that is deemed to bring the party into disrepute for failing to register the NFP with IEC for 2016 Local Government Elections and

(e) any other act of misconduct that would constitute just cause dismissal.

Gumbi said Ndlovu was found guilty on all the charges and had subsequently been expelled from the NFP as a member and employee with immediate effect.

“We therefore wish to formally inform our members and supporters that Mr Ndlovu has been officially expelled. It must be noted that contrary to what he has been purporting to the media that he was in contact with the leadership of the NFP‚ is entirely false because we still don’t know where Mr Ndlovu is. During all the disciplinary hearings‚ not once did he show up‚ instead he sent a representative‚ claiming he feared for his life.”

Gumbi said even after the hearing was moved from the NFP offices to the KZN Legislature to accommodate Ndlovu’s fears‚ he did not show up despite a police presence.

“We must say that this was a difficult process‚ emotionally draining but we had to do it and make sure that we follow all due and legal processes in order to ensure that it is dealt with effectively and efficiently. We are glad that it has now been concluded‚” said Gumbi.

Ndlovu did not respond to queries.





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