Tshwane council prepares for handover of power

A small finger breakfast‚ no glitz and glamour‚ and only a few interesting three-piece suits marked the historic inaugural City of Tshwane council meeting for a new term.

On Friday‚ the council will sit for the first time in South Africa’s capital‚ and the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) mayoral candidate‚ Solly Msimanga‚ is expected to be voted in as mayor.

Broadcast vans lined up in the parking lot‚ while their crews ran up and down inside council chambers to capture and deliver to the nation the changing of power in Tshwane.

Normally‚ the city used to serve a good buffet breakfast‚ but Friday’s menu was somewhat simple.

The political jargon that normally echoes through the corridors of council chambers once dominated by the African National Congress (ANC) was gone.

The usual greetings of ANC’s “chief”‚ “my leader”‚ “comrade” were diluted by the Economic Freedom Fighters’ “fighter” and “commander”‚ and the DA’s “my brother”‚ “my sister” and “blue machine”.

A huge ANC banner featuring a picture of a beaming President Jacob Zuma still overlooked the council facility from a high building just across the road‚ but this will ultimately be brought down – an illustration perhaps sign that the capital has slipped away from the fingers of the once-powerful ANC.

Seemingly assured that Msimanga will be sworn in as mayor‚ DA members flocked into the building in big numbers proudly declaring that their blood is neither “black or white‚ but blue”.

DA members hugged and kissed as they prepared to cross the floor from opposition to ruling party.

Officials from the Electoral Commission of SA set up a voting booth for the election‚ which is scheduled to place after noon.

If Msimanga takes over the reins‚ one key item will be missing — the metro’s mayoral chain‚ which has been stolen. – TMG Digital

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