Best friend of Christopher’s mistress called to testify

Chanelle Coutts and Clarishka Kapp
Chanelle Coutts and Clarishka Kapp

The best friend of the “other woman” in Christopher Panayiotou’s life has taken to the stand in the Port Elizabeth High Court.

Clarishka Kapp, who is friends with Chanelle Coutts, claims Panayiotou contacted her on the day of his wedding to Jayde Panayiotou claiming to have cold feet.

Coutts, who was employed at Panayiotou’s OK Grocer in Algoa Park and was in a relationship with Panayiotou, insisted in a previous interview with The Herald her lover was not involved in Jayde’s death.

“I don’t know what will happen with the court case but the Christopher I know is not a murderer,” she said at the time.

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