Last person in contact with Jayde called as state’s first witness

Cherise Swanepoel and Jayde Panayiotou Picture: Facebook
Cherise Swanepoel and Jayde Panayiotou
Picture: Facebook

Jayde Panayiotou’s close friend and colleague at Riebeek College Girls’ High School in Uitenhage, Cherise Swanepoel, is the first witness to be called by the prosecution in the mammoth murder trial.

Swanepoel, who shared a lift club with Jayde, was the last person to communicate with her before she was kidnapped and killed on April 21 last year.

The two communicated via WhatsAapp at 6:27am, while Jayde waited for Swanepoel to pick her up outside her Stellen Glenn complex in Kabega Park.

A follow up message sent to Jayde’s phone was never delivered.

The state claims Jayde’s husband, Christopher Panayiotou, supplied the suspected hitmen with details of Swanepoel’s car and her residential address so that they could follow her and Jayde to work.

The plan was later changed and Jayde was kidnapped from outside the home she shared with Panayiotou.


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