Jayde Panayiotou Picture: Supplied
Jayde Panayiotou
Picture: Supplied

Jayde Panayiotou was a much-loved, pretty school teacher at Riebeek College in Uitenhage.

A friend introduced her to Christopher Panayiotou in 2004.

They dated for eight years before he eventually popped the question in 2012. They tied the knot the following year.

Jayde, 29, grew up in Uitenhage, with her parents, Michelle and Derrick Inggs, and younger sister Toni.

Described as a simple, fun-loving person, Jayde dedicated much of her time to looking after animals and volunteering at children’s shelters.

One of her biggest fears was being abducted by a stranger, something her family knew.

A bucket list of things to complete before her 30th birthday – a milestone she never got to see – and compiled shortly before her death included getting another tattoo, going to Cape Town on holiday and staying up all night to watch the sunrise.

In a private note written before her death, Jayde expressed her loneliness and desire for a husband who spent more time at home.

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