Enabling the beggars not the right solution

We, as a collective in the St George’s Park and Hallack Road area, are appealing to all of you who hand out money to the beggars at the Five Ways robot and at the top of Target Kloof to please stop doing so!

Don’t be fooled by their “hang dog” expressions which are intended to make you pity them. This is their lucrative daytime job. After hours, several have been seen selling drugs, using drugs and have been caught breaking into our homes.

Our crime rate is soaring and their numbers are swelling due to the ease with which they make money and one of whom, when asked, admitted to making R12 000 on a good month.

They are now well settled in the bush between Hallack Road and Target Kloof (close to work), and are making life extremely unpleasant and dangerous for the local residents.

A recent walk through the area led to the discovery of stolen goods, an ID book, bank cards, piles of filth everywhere, lots of take-away boxes, old clothing, needles and syringes, and faeces.

When next one of them sidles up to your car, offer him or her a job (as we have done) and you’ll be turned down flat!

It’s time to practise tough love, and do the beggars a favour and stop encouraging and enabling them just to appease your social conscience. Would you take them home with you? Well, you’re making them extremely comfortable and at home right next to us.

There is a constant stream of users (many of whom are young people in fancy cars) buying drugs just metres from the Grey hostel and you’re deluding yourself if you think they’ll never introduce your child to hard drugs.

Would you feed nuts to an allergic child? No, I didn’t think so. Then don’t pay the drug dealers and users. Rather support any shelter of your choice with a monthly donation and next time you stop at Five Ways, wind down your window and tell them just where to go.

Our community in the surrounding area is beefing up security in the hope that it will deter “Brad Pitt” and all his mates, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that they will eventually push off and settle in your area.

Don’t like that idea? Then let’s work together to cut off their cash supply and then, perhaps, just maybe, they’ll clean themselves up.


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