Letter: Re-examine the security at Bay hospital

In response to an article published in The Herald on December 20 titled “Bogus doctor arrested at hospital”, the security breach poses serious questions about the role and responsibility of the security staff who work at Dora Nginza Hospital.

Considering that a rape occurred at this same hospital last year, what the public were after was an increased security presence and awareness at all times.

The impact of the bogus doctor could have been enormous if it had not been stopped when it was.

Security at hospitals and clinics needs to be strengthened to protect the patients and the staff who work there, as well as the assets of the hospital.

Khobani Security needs to investigate this matter and determine how such a serious security breach could have occurred, with full disclosure to the public.

The public needs to know what will be done to address this issue and be set at ease that similar instances will not happen again.

Perhaps the security staff assigned to Dora Nginza need to be rotated at set intervals, as familiarity breeds contempt.

Of course, the blame does not lie solely with Khobani Security.

Dora Nginza Hospital needs to reassess its internal control processes as well.

Hospital equipment, like scrubs, should be stored in a safe, controlled area.

The fake access card used by the bogus doctor should also not have been able to grant access to what should have been a restricted area.

The provincial government also has a role to play in this process. One of the province’s five strategic goals is “the efficient and effective utilisation of resources”, and this must include the safeguarding of resources as well.

The provincial government must do more to address access control and security at clinics and hospitals in Nelson Mandela Bay because theft and vandalism continue to plague our clinics.

As the member of the mayoral committee for public health, I will be writing to the provincial department of health, reiterating the importance of upgrading the security of our provincial hospitals and clinics, and informing it that this should be dealt with as quickly as possible. The safety surrounding these areas is of utmost importance to ensure that these critical services can be rendered.

We as the NMBM aim be a well-run city, a safe city and a caring city.

It is my plea that all stakeholders in the process, being the provincial health department, the clinics themselves and security companies concerned, play their part and collaborate, to help communities in the fight against crime and to help deliver the best possible service to the people of the NMBM.

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