Letter: Fined for doing the municipality’s work

A typical vile nest of refuse, consisting of rubbish from households that has been up-ended from municipal garbage bags

Dear Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

While we applaud your efforts to clean up and maintain the Baakens Valley, we are appalled at the manner in which you are trying to achieve this. Ignorance and false accusation on your part.

Our property borders the valley, and we recently received a fine from you for illegally dumping refuse and rubble. Can you imagine our concern and shock?

My husband maintains the piece of property adjacent to our fence. He cuts out the invaders, mows the grass and removes the garbage he finds in the valley. He has been doing so for more than 20 years, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the municipality no longer clears or maintains the undergrowth under the alien bluegum and wattle trees that grow along our stretch of the river. They seem to think poisoning the grass on my pavement is a better use of resources and time.

Secondly, we do not want this undergrowth growing up to our fence for security reasons, considering the high number of break-ins. The perpetrators use the thick bush to hide in and escape into.

Thirdly, if we did not clear the undergrowth the squatters who reside in the bush would be living on our boundary fence. Another failure on your part – to remove them.

They are constantly drunk, and carry the rubbish, left on our pavements for collection, into the valley. I wonder if they also received a fine.

My husband cleared a small piece of undergrowth with a bush-cutter as it was getting to be too thick (an alien invader by the way), and was then accused of dumping our garden refuse in the valley!

We take our garden refuse to the municipal tip along with our other garbage, carefully separated for recycling. This is to prevent vagrants from rummaging through it while it lies for hours and days on our pavement.

Roaming through the valley and taking pictures of the state it is in is one thing but issuing fines to responsible residents who are performing your job for you is another! You take pictures outside our properties and then assume it is the residents closest to the problem that are in the wrong. Is this a money-making scheme? Because it doesn’t seem that any other efforts on your part have been made!

We are not the only residents along this valley who have received one of these fines; many of our neighbours have, too. I never thought I would say this, but I am losing my patience with the goings-on in this metro.

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