Letter: Traffic chaos reigns on the beachfront

Two weeks ago I noticed that the two temporary speed-trapping devices on either side of La Roche Drive had been removed.

I thought that maybe the traffic department had decided, with students away, the road was no longer a death trap and very dangerous.

This, together with the fact that the upcountry visitors don’t pay e-tolls so they are highly unlikely to pay small speeding fines, could be an additional reason for the move.

I hoped they had moved the devices down onto the beachfront, which remains a racetrack and very dangerous.

No such luck, the devices are back in place and there is no sign of any traffic enforcement on the beachfront.

The traffic department assured me recently that it had regular speed checks on the beachfront, but I have never seen one.

Maybe it should consider the “permanent” temporary device just past the bridge on the way to Beach Road as the beachfront.

Speed remains a problem, the taxis continue to stop and load passengers outside the Boardwalk in the no-stopping zone and disrupt traffic, and numerous cars and taxis just park wherever they please.

Could the municipal police officers wandering around on the beachfront not be used to help with traffic enforcement because it doesn’t look as though the traffic department cares!

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